Keele and Jane Goodall in Gombe, Africa 2015

Keele and Jane Goodall in Gombe, Africa 2015


About Keele

Keele is in a relentless pursuit to help women find their voice.  She believes when a woman finds her voice, she will change the world around her.

Keele has been active in International non-profits for over twenty-five years.  She has had a leadership role on the Board of Directors for two women focused International non-profits, Friendship Bridge and Starfish Impact.  Friendship Bridge has operated in both Vietnam and Guatemala investing in women through micro-finance and has served tens of thousands of women.  Starfish Impact empowers young Mayan women through education and mentorship to become leaders in their rural Guatemalan communities.

On the business front Keele was a founding partner and Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a digital media business. She was instrumental in taking the company from inception to $35 million in annual revenue and to a successful IPO in a three-year period.  She has worked with clients such as Limited Brands (NYSE: LTD), Universal Studios (Nasdaq: CMCSA), Sir Richard Branson’s The Virgin Group and Budget Rent-A-Car (Nasdaq: CAR) to create and strengthen brands, market new products and increase revenue using a combination of online and traditional media.  She has developed and led dynamic and successful sales and marketing teams in the United States, Europe and Hong Kong.

She went on to join an analytics and consulting company to help expand its reach into Fortune 500 companies and eventually helped to sell that company for five times revenue.  She has also worked in the Advertising arena and was Director of Sales Promotions for a 100 thousand watt radio station, working to name, brand and launch the station. It became the number one station in the market in a three-month period.

In the true sense of architecting her life, Keele realized that her true purpose was to bring her writing to the world.  She sold her first book in 2018, Wholly Unraveled.  It is available for purchase now on

Telling your story, the one that belongs only to you, with all of the shame and vulnerability that comes with it, IS the beginning of that journey for every woman.